Falcy and Otterman started HBE to help those with time or transport challenges, get connected to products made by trusted producers.

We’ve been involved in the culture for decades and have both worked for large ACMPR licensed facilities so we know the products and how they’re produced.

We are just like you. We like good herbs and have a moderate income. We’re local and have been disappointed by the inconsistencies of other services. Being impulsive and optimistic we decided to “roll our own” delivery company and “Budtalks” was born.

Our goal is to differentiate ourselves on a few points we found missing from our experience as retail herb customers. Knowledge, Consistency and Communication.

The knowledge part we’ve got covered. We stay up to date on the science and politics of our infamous little plant.

Like other services, we can deliver just about anything. Keeping our menu small though, allows us to form a relationship with a supplier where we can keep good quality varieties in consistently available, rather than selling whatever shiny new name shows up and then never seeing it again. Frankly we can’t control what’s available but we try to make sure they know what is popular.

Also, we try to keep in contact with you. Not many people like a late delivery but everyone hates being kept in the dark. We can get overwhelmed with orders on occasion but we are committed to keeping our customers informed on their shipments. If we’re running behind we’ll let you know. Your EFT will not be deposited until your order is ready for transport.

We are a startup on a journey towards creating the right balance between a sustainable business model and treating our customers fairly. We’ll try alert you about any changes in either our pricing or policies but expect there may be changes.

Check out our News page for the most current posts regarding what we have planned.

We invite you to contact us directly if you have any concerns, we are down to earth and genuine people.

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